SCBE In The News
November 2006

The ethical issues associated with the growing trend of people donating organs to patients whom they don't know are discussed in this Mercury News article, also appearing in the Oakland Tribune. David Magnus provide comment.

On 60 Minutes (CBS) David Magnus discussed a pill that may be able to alter painful memories or mental trauma such as post-traumatic stress disorder. Click here to watch the interview.

In the Washington Post Audrey Shafer's new book, "The Mailbox" is featured in an article discussing a flurry of terrific novels for kids anywhere from 7 to 12.

This segment on WVIT-TV discussed the accuracy of medical information presented in television dramas and the effect it may have on consumers' knowledge as commented by David Magnus.

This on KGO-TV segment discussed the controversy around the recent quintuple kidney transplant in Baltimore where multiple procedures were done at once. Concern has arisen regarding the fairness of the method, given that over 93,000 people are currently on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. David Magnus, was interviewed.

This article in the San Jose/Silicon Valley Business Journal discusses how stem cell research was a big winner in the recent election. Hank Greely is quoted.

Dr. LaVera Crawley was interviewed on KPFA 94.1 FM. The topic, titled: Last Rights: Respecting Diversity, looked at the influence of culture, race and religion on dying, and how the assumptions behind "good end-of-life care" do not necessarily match the needs of people who are not white and middle class.

David Magnus, discussed the accuracy of medical shows on television in this KNTV-TV segment.

Hank Greely was interviewed on this KNTV-TV segment discussing the possibility of using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to detect lies.

In this United Press International article Hank Greely discusses how the outcome of last Tuesday's midterm elections could have a big effect on stem cell research.