SCBE In The News
August 2005

FOX News

Harvard researchers have discovered a way to fuse adult skin cells with embryonic stem cells. David Magnus discussed this issue on The Big Story. (For a faxed copy of the transcript, please contact our office: 723-6911.)

Newshour with Jim Lehrer

Irving Weissman, the Virginia and DK Ludwig Professor for Clinical Investigation, and Hank Greely were featured in this segment on chimeric animals. Weissman Transcript. Greely Transcript.

Butte Montana Standard
Robots Now Making Rounds In Hospitals
This article discusses the use of "telemedicine" technologies. David Magnus provides comment. The story originally appeared in the Washington Post.

Baltimore Sun

Creation Of First Cloned Dog Represents Medical Breakthrough, Ethical Dilemma
South Korean stem cell scientists have created the world's first cloned dog. Mildred Cho provides comment in the article.

San Jose Mercury News

Lawsuits Delay State's Stem Cell Effort

This article discusses how lawsuits are delaying the financing for stem cell research funded by Proposition 71. Hank Greely is quoted in this article.