SCBE In The News

August 2004

National Human Genome Research Institute

SCBE wins $3.8 million award from NIH and DOE to establish Center of Excellence to integrate ethics and genetic research.

San Jose Mercury News
Full-body x-ray scans boost cancer risk, researchers say
This article discusses the possibility of radiation risk associated with full-body CT scans. Judy Illes, senior research scholar is quoted. (Registration required)

San Jose Mercury News

Frustration for victims in reused needles case
The story focuses on a case in patients had their blood drawn using reused needles. Hank Greely is quoted. (registration required)

Morning Edition (NPR)

Scientists are hoping to stop malaria by redesigning the mosquito that carries the disease. David Magnus provided comment in this piece.

San Jose Mercury News

Fertilization is merely one of clinic's many responsibilities

David Magnus is featured in this article about the need for more safeguards at fertility clinics to eliminate errors. (registration required)

Quad-City Times

In the "The Manchurian Candidate", a character is surgically brainwashed.

Judy Illes provides comment in this article on the movie & the future of neuroscience.

San Francisco Chronicle
$10 million Bengal kittens pave way for pet cloning
A company based in Sausalito is offering to clone cats. David Magnus provides comment.

Arizona Republic

Hollywood's version of mind control based on advances in neuroscience
In the new movie The Manchurian Candidate, a character is surgically brainwashed. Judy Illes, senior research scholar at the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, provides comment in this USA Today article on the movie and the future of neuroscience.