10th International Biocuration Conference on March 26-29, 2017

Li Ka Shing Learning and Knowledge Center

2017 ISB Travel Fellowships

We are pleased to provide current ISB members with a travel fellowship opportunity. Students, junior curators, curators from low-income countries, and curators from countries suffering from natural disasters are encouraged to apply. Selections will be prioritized by financial need.

**Please note that applying for a fellowship does not guarantee that you will receive funding.

Each award will be issued as reimbursement for up to CHF $1,500 per fellowship depending on the costs of your registration and travel (e.g. hotel, flight, and ground transportation).

  • ISB Travel Fellows must be able to cover their own conference registration fees and travel cost before attending the conference. ISB Travel Fellows will then submit receipts to request a reimbursement from ISB. Save your receipts!
  • A traveller's check, or a bank transfer for up to CHF $1,500 - depending on your registration and travel costs - will be arranged for ISB Travel Fellows.
  • The Biocuration Travel Fellowships Committee will advise you on how to receive these funds as reimbursement at the end of the conference.

Requirements and Procedures

Each applicant for a travel fellowship must satisfy the following conditions:

  • The applicant must be an active ISB member
  • The applicant must have been selected for a poster or oral presentation at the Tenth International Biocuration Conference.
  • Only the presenting author from a multi-author abstract may apply for a fellowship
  • The applicant must submit an accompanying letter explaining why s/he is requesting travel funds and how s/he envisions that attending the Biocuration Conference will benefit her/his career.
  • Application Deadline: application materials should be sent to ISB via email to intsocbio@gmail.com with the subject line 'Travel Fellowships to Biocuration 2017' on or before Monday, 27 February, 2017.

Notification of award will be sent via email by 03 March, 2017 and announced on the ISB website after acceptance of the award.

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