In order to preserve funds for our graduate students as well as to provide seed funding for key collaborations, the center has been actively soliciting contributions from the computer hardware and software industry. Thus far we have the following connections:

Sun Microsystems Generously donated a high-end fully configured E3500 Elite3D server and several Ultra60 Elite3D workstations. We are currently using the Sun platform for all of our projects and are very grateful for all their support.

Immersion Corporation Collaborating on force-feedback for surgical simulation applications.

Fakespace Collaborating on design of the Surgical WorkBench and VR display technology.

Ascension Technologies Collaborating on 3-D tracking for surgical VR. Also joint exhibits at ASPRS and MMVR.

Dragon Systems Donated their voice recognition software for interacting with the virtual surgical planning environment.

Dupont Hospital for Children Donated their speech synthesis software for incorporation into the virtual reality surgical planning environment.

Other collaborations are in progress.