Next-Generation Internet Project

The Next-Generation Internet (NGI) group is a group of collaborators working on applications of next-generation networking in medical education. The group leading this effort is the Stanford University Medical Media and Information Technologies (SUMMIT) group. They have recently received a grant from the National Libraries of Medicine (NIH) to support this work. The other groups participating in this work are:

And many others...

This page concerns the portion of work that the Biocomp Center is involved with, specifically, the production of a patient-specific, real-time, networked, distributed, surgical simulation system with soft-tissue modeling and haptics.

For more information on our part of the work, you may wish to check out this overview of the project. For our work in networked haptics in general, look here. Finally, we have tried to build a group of collarborators in this area and have formed a group called SHWinG.

Simulation Server

I'm currently finishing up a web front-end for running our spring soft-tissue simulation software. The page for it is here.

The Meaty Stuff

Click here for the latest version of Windows2000/Windows98 and WindowsNT drivers from Immersion for the LapIE and 3GM devices.