The iAnatomy Project

Collaboration with SUMMIT and Sun Microsystems

The iAnatomy project is an interactive/international/Internet anatomy server that provides images, movies, text, live video, and interactive (Java3D) models for teaching surgeons anatomy of every piece of the human body and every surgical skill ever developed.

Currently, medical students learn anatomy from plain text in a textbook with artists' illustrations at best. They learn surgical skills as an apprentice to a trained surgeon, in a "see one, do one, teach one" model, learning by operating on real patients. This is risky, slow, and limited in its effectiveness.

This project aims to consolidate all anatomical and surgical knowledge ever created into one open, multimedia, interactive server to dramatically improve the way surgeons around the world are trained. The system would use images and movies showing the anatomy, interactive models using Java3D, surgical planning features, offer live video feeds of surgeries, consultations with experts, and any anything else a surgeon would ever need. In addition, the site could also allow patients and parents of patients to look up certain conditions and find out about the surgery from their perspective.