3D Reconstruction

Reconstruction Images/Movies

3National Biocomputation Center

These are some of the best CAT/MRI reconstructions around in their Case Study Database.

NASA Ames Biocomputation Center

These images/movies are from serial-section TEM reconstruction using our in-house software, ROSS.

  • Contact: Kevin Montgomery
  • Images/Movies Page
  • Movies:
    • Space Shuttle SLS-1 Rat Vestibular Endorgan (Macula)- 3 Hair Cells w/ Calyx from TEM (708KB)
    • FDA NCTR Rat Embryo from confocal (628KB)
    • Rat Vestibular Endorgan (Macula) from TEM (734KB)
    • Another Rat Vestibular Endorgan (Macula) from TEM (807KB)

Also, we've applied our techniques to CAT and MRI data- images, movies, and VRML data:

  • Visible Human Data Conference
  • Tech2006 Conference


This movie is part of the National Information Infrastructure video.

  • Contact: Al Gore (vicepresident@whitehouse.gov)

University of Oulu (Finland), Department of Radiology

These pictures are reconstructed from the General Electric HighSpeed Advantage CAT-scanner's data using Voxtool 1.0.4.

Contact: Matti Haveri (mhaveri@cc.oulu.fi)

University of Wisconsin (Madison), Institute for Molecular Virology