3D Reconstruction

Welcome to the 3D Reconstruction Home Page! This page is dedicated to providing information, pointers, references, and results of 3D reconstruction work for medical/life-science (MRI, CT, PET, microscopy) research.

This list is provided as a service of the National Biocomputation Center in order to aid other researchers in the field. We neither express nor imply any endorsements of any of these packages and assume no responsibility for their use nor for the comments and information contained within these www pages.

Many thanks go to:

  • Matti Haveri (mhaveri@cc.oulu.fi) for the med.volviz FAQ.
  • Eugene Miya (eugene@nas.nasa.gov) for the comp.graphics.visualization FAQ.
  • David Clunie (dclunie@flash.us.com) for the image formats FAQ.

(note: all FAQs are available on rtfm.mit.edu:/usenet/news.answers)

We will try to keep the information up to date as requests come in, but please be patient and also, provide new information in HTML if you possibly can.

Requests for additions, modifications, etc should be emailed to "www@biocomp.stanford.edu".

-Dr. Kevin Montgomery

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