Computer Science

Jean-Claude Latombe, PhD
Chairman of the department of Computer Science. He acts as an advisor to our graduate students. Participates in weekly meetings to direct their work. His main interests are soft tissue modeling, path planning and robotics.


Parvati Dev, PhD
Director of SUMMIT (Anatomy department at Stanford). Collaborating in the development of a virtual reality based 3D Anatomy atlas for teaching medical students and residents.

LeRoy Heinrichs MD
Visiting scholar at SUMMIT. In charge of developing the Virtual delivery suite and the human pelvis project.

Sakti Srivastava, MD
Anatomist at SUMMIT. Involved in NGI project and automated 3D reconstruction and other projects with Prof. Heinrichs.

Institute For Diagnostic Radiology (ETH, Zurich)

Simon Wildermuth, MD
Visiting Researcher, Radiologist. He is working on applied haptics and simulation for surgical simulation. (joint project with NASA Ames BioVIS Center)

Division of Hand Surgery

Vaughn Bowen, MD
Chair, Division of Hand Surgery. Involved in the development of a virtual reality based wrist diagnostic tool.

Vincent Hentz, MD
Chair, Division of Hand Surgery, President of the American Society of Hand Surgery. Involved in the development of a virtual reality based wrist diagnostic tool.

Amy Ladd, MD
Hand Surgeon. Currently developing a multimedia wrist anatomy CD-ROM and website.

Department of Radiation Oncology

Arthur Boyer, PhD
Director, Division of Radiation Physics. Collaborating on 3D reconstruction for radiation treatment planning.)

Department of Neurobiology

Arne Stoschek, PhD
Researcher. Developing advanced visualization systems for neurobiology and other applications.

Past Contributors

Michael Stephanides, MD
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Medical Director of the center. Involved in organizing the center, developing the clinical applications and directing the graduate student's work.

Muriel Ross, PhD
(Retired) Co-founder of the center

Benjamin Lerman
Physicist. He is working on issues in distributed haptics.

Stephen Sorkin
CS Guru. He worked on extremely fast collision detection for deformable objects.

Jeremie Roux
A MS student in the department of Computer Science. He worked on many projects in the lab.

Geetha Palreddy, MD
Future Pediatric Resident from India. Participating in the Interplast cleft lip and palate project.

Atta Oloumi, PhD
Physicist. Worked on designing a high-bandwidth, direct man-machine interface implanted in the body for people with spinal cord injuries.

Tyler Kohn
Electrical Engineer. Worked on haptic (force-feedback) interfaces for for use in surgical planning, training and simulation.

Kochoi Wong, MD
Physician from Groningen, The Netherlands. A visiting scholar for three months. Currently he is working on a number of projects. He was responsible for the creation of the cleft lip instructional cd rom project

Nick Drozdiak
Visiting scholar from Berlin, Germany. Participated on the web site design.

Elliott Schendel
Visiting scholar. Participates on the web site design and the cleft lip instructional CD ROM.