Biobank Services

The Stanford Biobank is a School of Medicine core research facility dedicated to providing all investigators with biobanking resources.


We provide a range of biorepository services, including long-term, on-site, and off-site sample storage options and laboratory management software to track and maintain secure records (Laboratory Inventory Management System, LIMS), education with our SOPs, and industry best practices.

The Stanford University School of Medicine supports a number of shared research facilities housing specialized scientific instruments and services. A full list of facilities can be found here.


We have structured our services to accommodate biobanks of all sizes. To support your biobanking needs we offer the following:

Sample Management

The Stanford Biobank manages sample inventory in the Biobank’s secure and temperature monitored freezers in on-site and off-site storage facilities. We provide long-term storage across -80C and LN2 storage environments.

The Biobank also provides consultation on best practices to manage specimens in your own laboratory space.

LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)

Effectively manage specimen and associated data in our web-based LIMS platform. Our integrated platform features: an EPIC MRN validation tool, Single Sign-On, study design, and querying and reporting. The Biobank works closely with study/laboratory teams to design the best-suited digital workflow.


Stanford Biobank provides research staff training and access to our LIMS to support sample management and inventory records in your own lab.

Legacy Repository Re-inventory

Stanford Biobank provides consultation services to assist with re-inventorying legacy repositories.


Pricing and service ordering is available through the Stanford Shared Facilities Management System (iLab).

Researchers benefit from funding to support the Biobank from the School of Medicine Dean’s office, with significant subsidies.

24/7 monitoring

Splitting Efforts

Splitting samples between sites