The Future of Biobanking Is Now

The Stanford Biobank is leading the way in providing new resources that better protect the integrity of biological samples and that unlock their potential for biomarker discovery.


The Next Generation of Biobanking

Working with the Senior Associate Dean of Research, Ruth O’Hara, the Stanford Biobank is an academic service center for biobanking, providing infrastructure for self-service sample management tools, centralized broad consent, standardized laboratory services, and long-term sample storage solutions.

The Center developed and hosts a state-of-the-art biobank management solution, capable of reliably tracking every biological sample collected in every study at Stanford and linking each with associated electronic health records (i.e., EPIC), REDCap, and molecular data.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve and accelerate access to cohort-driven, quality biospecimens with fully-loaded data associations driven by cutting-edge informatics pipelines.

How We Can Help

The Center provides researchers with:

  • On-site and off-site sample inventory support to help labs migrate samples to our tracking system.
  • An off-site “freezer farm” with 24/7 monitoring and rapid distribution of samples back and forth to Stanford. This approach lessens the risks of sample destruction due to earthquakes, power outages, and fires, and also frees up expensive lab space.
  • Data infrastructure and physical storage services for large multi-site research efforts.