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Brain facts

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How much does the human brain weigh?

About 3 pounds

How much water is in the brain?

It is 75% water

How much fat is in the brain?

It is 60% fat and is one of the fattest organs in the human body

How much of a person's energy does the brain use?

It uses up about 20% of a person's energy even though it only makes up about 2% of a person's body weight

Which side the brain controls movement on the right side of your body?

The left side of the brain

How many bones make up the skull which provides protection for the brain?

There are 22 bones in the skull

Brain Articles

Brain Games

Optical Illusions

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Are the pinwheels moving?

 No, the wheels are not turning. The Moiré effect can produce interesting and beautiful geometric patterns.

How many animals do you see in this image?

Look closely, you should be able to see a rabbit and a duck.

Count all the black dots you can see.

There are no black dots. If you focus directly on each dot, you'll see that all of them are white. This is known as the Hermann Grid Illusion.

Are these tables the same length as each other?

Both are actually the same length. Don't believe us, measure for yourself!

Are the horizontal lines sloping or straight?

All of the lines are straight. The black and white blocks are not aligned and thus fool your brain into thinking that the lines are sloping.

Take a very close look at the 2 vertical lines. Do you think one line is longer than the other?

They are the same size! Hard to believe; get out your ruler to measure the lines to check.

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