Service Centers

The Beckman Service Centers:
Advanced Technology Resources for Stanford Researchers

Four Specialized Facilities

The Beckman Center’s shared technology resources comprises of four highly specialized scientific facilities that serve departments and laboratories throughout Stanford University. In continuous operation since 1989, these core service centers are currently among the largest, most successful, and well-established service centers at Stanford.

Funding to Underwite New Technologies

In order for the facilities to remain competitive within the academic community and to avail Beckman-affiliated scientists of the use of state-of-the-art scientific technologies, the Beckman Center provides funding as needed to underwrite new technologies employed by the service centers that cannot be recovered through fee structures. The goal is to keep the rates as low as possible in order to encourage the use of services housed in the Beckman Center.

Technology Innovation Mini-Grants

For the purpose of supporting technological innovation that may be broadly applicable to the research community at Stanford, each service center provides mini-grants to graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and faculty who wish to engage the services of the Beckman core facilities in new or experimental approaches, techniques or processes that are not supported by other funding sources.

How to Apply

For consideration, a brief description of the new or experimental approach, technique or process must be submitted to the individual facility manager, including an estimate of the facility resources needed to carry out the proposed work. Decisions to fund the proposed work under this program reside exclusively with the facility managers. Funding levels will also be established by facility managers.

Please visit the service centers' webpages for more information: