Seminars & Symposia

The Beckman Center has become a vital source of support for faculty leaders seeking to promote broad-based scientific interaction and training.

The Beckman Center has provided funding for a variety of seminar series, conferences, and symposia, such as those listed below, that are primarily interdisciplinary in nature.

Beckman Hosted Seminars & Symposia:

The Beckman Symposium

The most recent Beckman Symposium was held on Monday, September 10, 2018. “The Revolution in Diagnostics” looked at how single-cell DNA sequencing, liquid biopsies for cancer and fetal DNA, implantable devices, state-of-the-art imaging technologies and other biomedical breakthroughs are opening up whole new worlds of diagnostic possibility.

Get the FACS Seminar Series

Get the FACS is held throughout the calendar year and features lecturers from the Stanford Shared FACS Facility as well outside institutions. The seminars progress throughout the year from basic flow cytometry topics to more advanced flow cytometry topics. These seminar topics help to improve the flow cytometry knowledge of the Stanford community.

What's the SCOPE Seminar Series

What’s the Scope? is held every other month and features talks from scientists in the Cell Sciences Imaging Facility as well as guest speakers. The series’ topics focus is on in-depth presentation of new and existing advanced imaging technologies available in the CSIF.  The aim is to increase knowledge of the advanced light and electron microscopy imaging options that are available to Stanford’s research community.

Beckman Supported Seminars & Series:

Frontiers in Biological Research Seminar Series

Support for the Frontiers in Biological Research Seminar Series spans several basic science departments in the School of Medicine. The series is designed to present and discuss cutting-edge research involving interdisciplinary approaches to bioscience and biotechnology. Leading investigators from Stanford and throughout the world present a broad set of scientific and technical themes related to interdisciplinary approaches to important issues in bioengineering, medicine, and the chemical, physical, and biological sciences.

Cancer Biology Seminar Series

The Cancer Biology Seminar Series is held throughout the academic year and features guest lecturers from Stanford and peer institutions who discuss the molecular, genetic, cellular, and pathobiological aspects of cancer, as well as the current state of clinical diagnosis and treatment of human cancers.

Regenerative Medicine Seminar Series

The Beckman Center, Bio-X, and the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine jointly sponsors the Regenerative Medicine Seminar Series that meets weekly on Thursdays throughout the academic year. The seminars bring students, post-docs, faculty and trainees together from Bioengineering, Engineering, the Medical School, and the Biological Sciences to hear about and discuss work in progress. It has been a tremendous help with making the Stanford research community aware of the broad range of research in regenerative medicine on campus.