Medical Scholars

To foster the training of medical students in translational research, the Beckman Center provides a stipend to selected students doing research in top-tier research labs with PMGM faculty.

The Beckman Center Medical Scholars Program

The Beckman Center Medical Scholars Program was established for the purpose of creating a source of funds to provide financial stipends to medical students doing translational biomedical research under the direction of a PMGM faculty member. This support is critical to the success of the work of the Beckman Center and is aligned with the center’s goal of ensuring that the results of basic and applied sciences are made broadly available for clinical use and practical application.

Who are the Beckman Center Medical Scholars?

The program targets medical students engaged in projects appropriate to the Beckman Center’s mission, and selection is made through the Stanford Medical Scholars Program by the Medical Scholars Committee, which is composed of leading PMGM faculty members drawn from the basic and clinical sciences in the School of Medicine. Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Student awardees are required to make an oral presentation of project results to an audience consisting of the faculty advisor and others with expertise in the field and must also prepare a written summary of the project results.

How to Apply

Departments with students engaged in projects relevant to our mission are encouraged to apply to the Medical Scholars Program. Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis by a committee of faculty scientists. Potential applicants should contact the Office of Medical Education directly.  

Beckman has supported the following students as part of the Medical Scholars Program, by academic year:

Kristian Erich Bauer-Rowe Ramos

Project: Identifying the Role of Mesenteric Adipocyte Remodeling in Intestinal Fibrosis

Ekaterina (Katia) Tkachenko

Project: Molecular Profiling of the Viral and Host Reactivity to SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine in Adult Population

Deborah Deija Tsao

Project: Discovering Insulin-Resistance and Drug Target Gene Function using Drosophila Genetic Screens