Munzer Auditorium

With the continued uncertainty caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Munzer Auditorium will remain closed until further notice.
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Located in one of the most unique and innovative facilities on campus, Munzer Auditorium serves the School of Medicine for seminars, symposia, and workshops.

About the Munzer Auditorium

The Munzer Auditorium was made possible through the generosity of the Rudolph J. and Daphne A. Munzer Foundation.

Reservation Policy

The Munzer Auditorium has 101-person capacity with fixed-theatre style seating and serves as a venue for the School of Medicine research community. In order to ensure that we are able to continue to offer the auditorium at no-cost, we ask that these guidelines are strictly adhered to:

•  All activities must be consistent with the educational mission of the University, be consistent with the science and             research mission of the Beckman Center, and approved by the SoM
•  Any activity, event, or program that is designed to attract largely a non-Stanford audience is subject to additional               approval from SoM
•  Administrative offices within and operating on behalf of the SoM may use the auditorium
•  Members of the SoM community cannot provide their name to a group simply so that they can use the auditorium

Priority Reservations

The highest priority for scheduling School of Medicine facilities is for events and programs that are educational in nature. The scheduling priorities are listed in descending order below:

     • Beckman Departments – current academic year*
          • Research Seminar Series
          • One-Time Research Seminars
          • Symposia
      • School of Medicine and other research facilities – current academic year*
      • All other University, SUHC and LPCH Departments*

*All requests received before the priority deadline will be scheduled according to the priorities listed above. All requests received after the priority deadline will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis. No exceptions.

*30-days advanced reservations are available for classes, training, orientation, workshops, grand rounds, meetings (faculty, lab, etc.)


Beckman Center for Molecular and Genetic Medicine, 279 Campus Drive West, Room B060, Ground floor


Monday – Friday, 7:00AM – 7:00PM. No weekends or observed holidays/school closures.


Please submit cancellations ASAP and NO LATER THAN 48 hours in advance. The auditorium is in high demand and advance notice is appreciated. “No Shows” may not be accommodated for future reservations.

Food and Beverages Prohibited

Food and beverages are strictly prohibited in the auditorium. Catering may only be served on the patio or lobby but NOT in the hallway as it could obstruct exit doors and present a building evacuation hazard. Please confer with the Beckman Bistro (650) 725-8424 to ensure that the patio will be available. There are no catering restrictions.


Customer-funded housekeeping is REQUIRED for large events that will provide catering. Please submit a Customer-Funded Work Request at Med Facilities Planning & Management. For last-minute requests, call (650) 721-2146 to arrange for housekeeping.

Condition of Auditorium

It is the event organizer's responsibility to return the auditorium back to its original condition. Remember to turn off the projector and return supplies borrowed from the Beckman Office-B062. Ensure that all catering supplies and/or trash has been picked up prior to leaving. Please DO NOT tape/attach anything to the interior or exterior walls as it may damage the paint and could result in a costly fee. Use easels or free-standing devices instead.

Audio-Visual Technical Support

CMGM does not provide AV technical support. The equipment is reliably plug-n-play (PnP), however, if technical support is needed, please contact LBRE Equipment & Services. Technical support for high-profile events is advisable but is REQUIRED for more complex presentations involving webcasting, streaming to another location on campus, and/or videoconferencing.


LBRE Equipment & Services
Med Facilities Planning & Management
Office of Special Event & Protocol

Reserve the Munzer Auditorium

Use our online scheduling system to make your reservation.

The Beckman Bistro

The Beckman Bistro specializes in FreshMex and is located across from the Munzer Auditorium on the ground floor.  Breakfast and lunch served Monday - Friday, 7:00AM - 3:30PM.

For catering service, please contact Amadeo Penas, Manager (650) 725-8484.