Training Program

Clinical Research Experience in Complimentary & Integrative Health

Future Practicum Students

 Many Palo Alto University Students consider a placement at the Palo Alto VA Health Care System (VAPAHCS) as part of their practicum component of the PhD and Psyd in Clinical Psychology.  Our lab is actively looking for PAU practicum syudents interested in research in complimentary and integrative health. Our training model involves intensive supervision of each student, isupport with research, weekly lab meetings and support from academic researchers and Clinical Psychologists.  Contact Dr. Peter Bayley if you are interested in a practicum placement in our lab. 

Don't just survive — thrive in graduate school

Four guiding principles for thriving

I remember when I first started graduate school. I felt excited, ambitious and optimistic — and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. As we enter another academic year, I find myself reflecting on my early graduate school days and what I wish I knew then. That's why I would like to offer four guiding principles for thriving in graduate school.


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