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We are actively recruiting new members who share our interests in developing novel gene and cell therapies and investigating the role of immune regulation and immune tolerance.  We are part of a collaborative group at Stanford comprised of clinicians and scientists with backgrounds in immunology, pediatrics, stem cell biology, genetics, and molecular biology, aiming at improving people life by understanding disease mechanisms.



We are accepting Stanford Graduate students, both Masters and PhD students.  Incoming first year PhD students, please feel free to inquire about lab rotations.



We regularly accept interns for mentored research projects, such as summer students, CIRM interns, medical students, and undergraduates.  Interns should have a strong work ethic, be available to invest significant time towards a research project, and possess a strong desire to gain research experience for a research-focused career.



Potential postdocs should send a CV and cover letter expressing their particular interests.  

Open Postdoctoral position

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