Digital Signage

Transforming what's static, to dynamic

Divide screens into zones dedicated to news, events, hours, etc.

We are dedicated to providing the necessary support for your digital signage needs. By providing training and support to various departments, including over 40 displays across Stanford campuses, static images can transform into dynamic and eye-catching digital signs.

-SoM Digital Signage Admin

2024 Statistics:

Device Count: 49*

Media Count: 2,081*

Playlist: 150*

Apps: 632*

Groups: 16


*Peak as of 1/12/24

Digital Signage Made Easy!

Let us help you improve the way your department communicates, by utilizing the power of digital signage. The AV Tech digital signage program is here for you and includes: 

  • AV consultation/ design to help you equip your designated area with commercial displays
  • 1:1 as well as group department trainings 
  • Assistance with creating personalized and custom digital boards
  • Digital signage media player
  • AV Tech digital signage systems admin that is specially trained to support your needs
  • TelemetryTV account and user support
  • Reliable and robust configurations to support the needs of you and your team

Create Engaging Content in Minutes!

We utilize TelemetryTV as the backbone behind our digital signage solution. As part of this solution, you will have access to:

  • 70+ Turn-Key-Apps
  • Building custom applications
  • Pairing or provisioning your device(s)
  • Creating engaging content with a built-in Canva editor
  • Scheduling, managing, and monitoring your playlist
  • Schedule, manage & monitor your playlist
  • Device health control in real-time
  • Dividing screens into zones dedicated to news, events, hours, etc.
  • Managing content and devices remotely
  • Secure digital signage backed by SOC2-compliant network
  • Displaying dashboards, reports, or 3rd party apps with Webshots


Display Configurations

Our digital signage program is designed to fit your needs. We can provide commercial media players that meet industry standard technologies, and transform common spaces into effective digital signage spaces.

Single Display Setup

- Typically a 55'' commercial display

- Most common request

Example of equipment used:

55'' 4k Commercial Grade display

AOpen Chromebox Commercial 2

Large fusion micro-adjustable fixed wall display mount or large fusion micro-adjustable tilt wall mount