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Add info, slides, & supplemental material to lecture videos

About Media DropBox

Stanford Medicine uses Media DropBox to publish course and event media pages for courses, departments, and conference center clients. Each client that uses the classroom capture system (Mediasite) will receive a dedicated SUNet-auth protected page that will host their content for one academic quarter. Links to classroom capture media will automatically populate to a lecture media page within one business day of the event. 

Using Media DropBox, courses and events can also offer session details (date, start & end time, speaker name, event title) and link to supplemental material such as .pdf of presentation slides, various file types, and additonal URLs. Use of Media DropBox is complimentary for any courses/events associated with Stanford. For access to Media DropBox and training on how to upload your curricular materials, please submit a request to

Media DropBox & Canvas

Most courses that use Canvas will also schedule their lectures for video capture through Stanford Medicine's automated classroom capture system (Mediasite). For these courses, a "Lecture Media" page will automatically be added to their Canvas course the afternoon prior to the first scheduled capture of a quarter. New rows for scheduled captures will be added to the Lecture Media page throughout the quarter, with each update occuring at approximately 3:30pm the afternoon prior to the scheduled capture date.

On request, AV Tech can pre-populate a course's Lecture Media page so that it will become available for student use at the beginning of a semester or so that it will display the dates, start & end times, speaker name(s), and lecture titles for all of a quarter's scheduled sessions (as pictured above). If you'd like to request this service for your course, please submit your request to

Support Contacts

Space scheduling and reservations:
650-723-6952 | M-F 7 AM - 6 PM

Classroom technical support:
650-724-7370 | M-F 7 AM - 6 PM

Media DropBox Feature Highlight

Expanded options for managing course content