Classroom Capture (Mediasite)

SUNet protected hosting for your lecture or event media

About the Classroom Capture system (Mediasite)

Stanford Medicine uses Mediasite to offer free video recording and hosting for courses and events in select spaces. Mediasite files are available via SUNet authenticated webpages as streaming video, a downloadable picture in picture video (mp4 format) and an audio file (mp3 format). For best performance, use a high speed internet connection for downloading media to reduce download times, as file sizes may be very large.

If your class or event wants to use the Classroom Capture system, you must reserve an appropriate space through the Medscheduler team. You can review Stanford Medicine spaces and submit your scheduling request to Medscheduler via

After scheduling capture and receiving confirmation from Medscheduler, the instructor/speaker should complete the Stanford Medicine Speaker Release form

Video capture policy

Course directors, faculty, or the person who requests capture for an event are responsible for reviewing their materials and removing any patient health information. The Stanford Medicine lecture capture system is not an approved host for PHI and any content containing PHI will be deleted. In the interest of expediting access, videos are posted automatically after they are captured, so they will not have been reviewed for technical issues or PHI prior to posting. Please submit a help ticket to report technical issues or suspected PHI. A staff member will respond within 2 business days. For full details on video capture policies and expectations visit

Accessing captured media

Courses that use Canvas will automatically have a "Lecture Media" page added to their Canvas homepage the day prior to the first scheduled capture of an academic quarter. This page is hosted from Media DropBox, requires SUNet ID, and can be created in advance via a help request. Students and anyone else enrolled in that course will access the media through Canvas. Media links will publish to the Lecture Media page within one day of capture.

For courses and events that do not use Canvas, the person who requests capture through Medscheduler will receive an email the afternoon prior to the first scheduled capture with the URL to the Lecture Media page. It is that person's responsibility to then distribute the URL to the intended audience. 

To access media from a specific course or event from within the past five years, you can also submit a help ticket containing the name, date(s), and space in which the course or event took place and we will attempt to assist you. Access to course materials will require the approval of the related course director, faculty, or department chair.

Media does not contain PHI?

If your media does not contain PHI, it is approved for capture and hosting through the Stanford Medicine lecture capture system. Faculty and course staff are responsible for making sure that their content does not contain PHI and is consistent with Fair Use standards. Visit and for further details.

Media does contain PHI?

The Stanford Medicine lecture capture system is not an approved host for PHI, including images, case studies, and patient interviews. If you have a need related to PHI, your first and best choice would be to consult with the University Privacy Office

The only resource currently available for online storage and sharing of PHI content is Stanford Medicine Box. This tool allows you to upload a variety of media, select the ways in which your files are shared, and chose who can access them. More information is available at

Support Contacts

Space scheduling and reservations:
650-723-6952 | M-F 7 AM - 6 PM

Classroom technical support:
650-724-7370 | M-F 7 AM - 6 PM

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