Current Job Openings at Stanford University in the Field of Autism

Postdoctoral Translational Research Fellowship in Autism

Location: Stanford Autism Center at Packard Children’s Hospital, Stanford University
Position: 2021 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Autism Research
Description: The Stanford Autism Center at Packard Children’s Hospital is pleased to announce an endowed
postdoctoral fellowship in translational autism research. This is a two-year position, offered to well-qualified
postdoctoral scientists interested in human subjects research in the field of autism and related disabilities. The
focus of this position is on collaboration between biological scientists and clinical researchers, in order to
advance the field by moving discoveries from biological science into clinical settings, with the goal of
improving outcomes for individuals with autism and related conditions. We are seeking applicants who are
interested in and have prior experience in one or more of the following broad areas, which will be the focus of
their postdoctoral work:
• Clinical trials (psychopharmacology,
behavioral interventions, pivotal response
• Immunology
• Molecular genetics
• Neuroimaging
• Trancranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)
• Oxytocin biology
• Neurosteroids biology
• Sleep and circadian rhythms
• Twin research