Medical Student and PA Student Volunteers

Welcome med/PA students! We are so glad that you are interested in taking advantage of the great opportunities Arbor has to offer. Arbor is one of two free clinics run by the School of Medicine. It is an ideal setting to get first-hand experience in taking a detailed history, recording vital signs, presenting a case to attendings, and practicing the physical exam. The clinic draws attending physicians from a range of specialities, including pediatrics and surgery. Teaching is an integral part of the Arbor experience, and phyisicans are eager to share their knowledge with students. Arbor encourages both preclinical and clinical medical students to volunteer.

How to volunteer:

If you're a Stanford medical student or PA student and would like to volunteer, on the left side menus, under "Volunteers", select "Clinic Signups" to log in to the schedule sign up using your SUNet ID and password. When you come to the clinic, please dress professionally and bring your white coat and stethoscope. If you have a chance, it helps if you edit your volunteer profile and put information such as a contact phone number, languages spoken, etc. Please email if you have any questions.


Our next recruitment cycle for new non-medical students and PA students begins in the fall quarter of 2018. Thank you for your interest!