All research animals at Stanford are provided with an environment that meets their specific, species-associated needs.

Animal care facilities at Stanford vary from each other, depending on the type of research being conducted and the species of animals involved.

Animal well-being is evaluated and managed for every species on campus on a daily basis, on the following criteria:

Room temperature and humidity settings

• Size, construction, and location of cages or pens

• Bedding or litter

• Food, water, and sanitation needs

•  Environmental and social enrichment (providing animals with sensory and motor stimulation, facilitating the expression of species-typical behaviors, and promoting psychological well-being through physical exercise, manipulative activities, and cognitive challenges)

In addition, each area of our research animal facility is subject to inspection by institutional, state, and federal regulating agencies.       

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Our research facilities are subject to inspection by a number of regulating agencies.

All research animals at Stanford live in species-specific environments and enjoy regular enrichment activities.

Stanford's animal research facilities are state-of-the-art.

Regulatory Oversight

Stanford researchers keep to the highest standards of animal care and oversight.

Animal Well-Being

The well-being of the animals in our care is of paramount importance at Stanford. 

Facts and Myths

You've heard the myths about animals and research science. We'd like to share some of the facts.