Former and Current Fellows

Name Year Current Position

Amanda Morris, MD


Irving Ye, MD 2016-2017 Fellow
Deepak Sharma, MD 2016-2017 Fellow
Christine Jette, MD 2015-2016 Fellow
Roya Saffary, MD 2015-2016 Faculty, Stanford
Sanjana Vig. MD 2015-2016 Faculty, UCSD
Thuan Le, MD 2014-2015 Community Practice, Detroit
Joseph Sanford,MD 2014-2015 Faculty, University of Arkansas
Rahul Modi, MD 2014-2015 Community Practice, Los Angeles
Brandi Sinkfield, MD 2014-2015 Community Practice, San Jose
Joel Pash, DO 2013-2014 Community Practice, Canada
Kristen Telischak, MD 2013-2014 Anesthesia Resident Beth Israel
Loren Riskin, MD 2013-2014 Stanford Anesthesia Resident
John Santiago, MD 2011-2012 Kaiser Washington, DC, Anesthesia Group
Jennifer Dubrawski, MD 2011-2013 Community Practice, Los Angeles 
Steve Liu, MD 2010-2011 Pain Fellow, Columbia
Bassam Kadry, MD 2010-2011 Stanford faculty
Mitchel Tsai, MD 2008 Faculty, University of Vermont
Jaume Balust, MD 2007-2008 Faculty, Chief of Service, Barcelona, Spain
Harshu Chaobal, DO 2005-2006 Community Practice, New Jersey
Chris Egger-Halbeis, MD, MBA 2005-2006 Hospital C.E.O. - Hirslanden Beau-Site Hospital, Bern, Switzerland
Cate McIntosh, MBBS 2004-2005 Faculty, John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle, Australia; Director, Simulation Program, Hunter New England Skills & Simulation Centre
Harrison Chow, MD 2004 Community Anesthesia Practice, Entrepenuer, San Jose, California
Tom Archer, MD 2000 Faculty, Director of OB Anesthesia, UCSD, San Diego, California
Miguel Canales, MD 1999-2001 Entrepreneur, Vice President and Medical Director, Restoration Robotics, Mountain View, California
Anthony Chung, MD 1999-2000 Community Practice, North Carolina
Leo Montejo, MD 1999 Entrepreneur, San Francisco Bay Area
David Glenn, MD 1998-1999 Community Practice, California
John Navarro, MD 1997-1998 Community Practice, Oklahoma
Craig Scibetta, MD 1997-1998 Community Practice, Arizona
Patrick Burch, MD 1996-1997 Deceased
Matthew Weinger, MD 1996-1997 Faculty, Dept. of Anesthesia, Vanderbilt; Norman Ty Smith Chair in Patient Safety and Medical Simulation, Professor of Anesthesiology, Biomedical Informatics, and Medical Education, Vanderbilt 
William Fritz, MD, MBA 1996 Community Anesthesia Practice, Chief of Anesthesia, Johnstown, Pennsylvania