The Mentor
fall '19 | Issue 1

Amy Price, DPhil
Editor, The Mentor, SASI Newsletter

A world of change is in store

As our SASI alumni, you accomplished so much in our time together, and we are immensely proud of you and your achievements.  SASI is doing even more, and we wanted to update you. Many of you asked us what you could do after SASI, and we have some ideas! We are looking for mentors who could help people enroll for SASI and nurture them through the tough places in the application and share with them what to expect.

Did you know we have a FREE course on Partnering with the Public and Patients in Medical Research. Collaboration and mutual respect are essential to successfully unlock the value to be found in patient partnered research. Patient research partnerships are reported as delivering value through every stage of the research process while increasing health self-management and research literacy. In this course, you will understand ways this value can be better delivered in partnership with researchers. It only takes about an hour a week, and those that earn over 70% can earn a certificate of completion from Stanford University. It is self-paced, so you can start anytime and we will be prioritize SASI students who have completed this course to work with MedicineX on research projects.

Many of you asked us if  we could find you researchers to work with.  This was harder than it sounds, so we decided to develop research projects we could do from inside SASI. The first opportunity was joining our COPD challenge online and to develop a prototype. Students were also invited to become part of this challenge face to face at Medicine X September 20-22, 2019.

The BMJ asked us to thank those of you who became reviewers and they commended us on the high quality of the reviews you completed for them. SASI Alumni don’t just do reviews they are research authors too. Thank you Anika and Ujwal for authoring with Dr Chu, Dr Price, and Urvi Gupta.  We are getting rave reviews and we urge you to share our paper Co-Production, Co-Education and Person-Centered Healthcare Practice widely on social media.

Yours for SASI Change 2019


Many of you asked us what you could do after SASI, and we have some ideas!

Amy Price, DPhil
Editor, The Mentor