August 20 Aug 20
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MD Stethoscope Ceremony 2021

The Stanford Medical Alumni Association and the Department of Student Affairs is proud to welcome the new MD class of 2021 at the annual MD Stethoscope Ceremony event in which first year medical students receive their white coats and stethoscopes. This symbolic ceremony marks the beginning of their journey into medicine. As one of our alumnae said, "The stethoscope is one of the prime symbols of patient care and the practice of medicine. You have to be close to your patient to use it. This is your chance to truly interact with your patient. You are listening to what the patient has to tell you."  - Laurie Weisberg, MD and Former president of the Stanford Medical Alumni Association


This ceremony is by invitation only. If you are an invitee, and need more information about this event, please contact our office at