Meet Ali Khaishgi, a 7 year-old rockstar who participated in our Combine study from July 2020 to April 2021. Ali found out about our Center through Dr. Nadeau.

Ali, what are some of your favorite things to do for fun?

“I love going to the beach on all warm days.  I like Board games including Mastermind and Sorry.  I love adventure books and movies such as Harry Potter and the Hobbit.  I especially like Greek mythology and movies about them, and would watch Jason and the Argonauts each time I visited Sean Parker for my food trials.  At home, I also play imaginary games with my toys.   And my favorite subject to study is math where I like learning new things like exponents and fractions.”

Amazing! How would you describe your experience at the Sean N Parker Center to a friend? 

“The people were so nice and they took good care of me.  I felt safe and even though I would try new foods that would otherwise make me sick, I knew they were trying to make me feel better.  Now, I can drink some milk at home which I could never do before.”

What was the best part about your experience with us? 

“Each time we would drive there from San Francisco, it would take 1 hour each way, and I would listen to Harry Potter audio books on the way.  It made the time go so fast and I listened to 4 of them fully. 

Everyone at Sean Parker is so friendly. They all remembered that I love Greek mythology and they would discuss it in detail with me every time. Dr. Fast knows even more about Greek mythology than I do and I would always learn something new from her. MacKenzie had also watched Jason and the Argonauts and we would talk about it every time. 

I love that I can now eat pancakes for breakfast and can drink half a glass of milk. I couldn’t have a single drop in my mouth or even on my skin before. I am very excited that maybe in a few months, I can eat cake and muffins at parties like everyone else.”

Interview by Grace Rabinowitz

Grace joined the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford University in November 2020. She is a senior undergraduate at Stanford majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in Health Policy. Grace is passionate about science communication, hosts a health policy podcast, and will be starting medical school at Mount Sinai in NYC in summer 2021.

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