Our Clinical Trials

We conduct many clinical trials with the goal of developing therapies for allergic disorders and asthma.

Our studies include a wide range of patients, representing a diverse group of ages, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds.
Our Center offers equal opportunity to all people with allergies, so long as they are eligible based on study parameters.

Participate in Prescreening at the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy & Asthma at Stanford University

Condition: Allergies, Food Allergies, Asthma, Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis, Allergic Rhinitis, Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EOE)

Age Group: 0-90 y/o

Duration: 1 Time Event

Description: We invite people with doctor-diagnosed food allergies, asthma, eczema, allergic rhinitis, eosinophilic esophagitis (EOE), and other allergic conditions to participate in prescreening for allergy and asthma research at our center.

Contact: If you are interested in learning more about the study or scheduling a prescreening visit, you can call us at (650) 521-7237 or contact us at snpcenterallergy.inquiry@stanford.edu


Your new family can help us learn how about the progression of allergic diseases!

We hope to learn how environmental and genetic factors play a role in food allergy and eczema development.

To Participate in this study you must:

  • Be a Pregnant Mother at any point during your pregnancy and willing to enroll your child at birth
  • Participation for you and your child lasts until your child is three years old
  • Biological Fathers may also participate, but their participation is not required

Participation will involve:

  • Clinic visits several times over three years to monitor the development of allergies
  • Sample collection (blood, urine, hair, stool, skin tapes and swabs, saliva, cord blood and nasal swabs; mother only: vaginal swabs and breast milk)
  • Questionnaires related to your child’s health, diet, and environment


Email: snpcenterallergy.inquiry@stanford.edu
Clinic Phone: (650) 521-7237

View full flyer HERE.

View our SUNBEAM Website HERE.


SEAL (Stopping Eczema and ALlergy) Study

Study Objective: To test if proactive use of topical skin creams is more effective than common atopic dermatitis (eczema) treatment methods at preventing eczema and food allergies.

Who is Eligible: Any child up to 12 weeks of age is welcomed. Our physicians will determine the participant's eligibility based on the participant's skin and other criteria in the clinic. Parental consent is required prior to enrollment.

Study Duration: 36 months (5 clinic visits)

Study Principal Investigators: Sayantani B. Sindher, MD

Study Sponsor: Stanford University School of Medicine 

Compensation for participation is provided.

Contact for more information and to schedule a pre-screening visit:

Clinic Email:

Clinic Phone: (650) 521-7237


Our Center is looking for milk allergy participants aged 4 to 50 years old for a study led by Dr. Sayantani (Tina) Sindher. Qualified participants will receive the treatments of oral immunotherapy and a biologic. There is no cost to your participation and your participation is entirely voluntary. Call (650) 521-7237 or email snpcenterallergy.inquiry@stanford.edu to learn more about the study.

View Full Flyer HERE


SNP Center is seeking participants with peanut and 1-2 other food allergies for a clinical trial. 


Our goal is to determine if using biologics and multi oral immunotherapy (mOIT) will increase tolerance to multiple food allergens.

Who Can Participate:

  • Children, adolescents and adults between 4-55 years old.
  • History of reaction to peanut and diagnosed with allergy to 1-2 additional foods from the following list: almond, cashew, hazelnut, egg, walnut, sesame seed, soy, shellfish, fish, wheat and milk

No cost to participate. Reimbursement will be provided.

Have questions or want to learn more? Please contact:
snpcenterallergy_inquiry@stanford.edu, 650-521-7237

Check out ClinicalTrials.gov for more details HERE
View Full Flyer HERE


To participate in our research and be considered for one of our trials

Study Pages

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