The GREAT Survivorship Clinic

Stanford pilots a new clinic for adult survivors of childhood leukemia

Transitions from pediatric to adult care are often difficult. This is especially true for adult survivors of childhood cancer, who have unique health histories and healthcare needs. Some continue to be seen by their pediatric oncology or survivorship team well into adulthood, while others stop coming to the clinic altogether. Many aren’t sure where to go for care or how their past cancer treatment may affect their future health.

To address these gaps, Stanford is piloting a new clinic for adult survivors of childhood leukemia. This represents a novel collaboration between pediatric oncologists at LPCH and oncologists at the Cancer Center at SHC. Reflecting the aim to provide exceptional care and the intended population, clinicians named it the GREAT Survivorship Clinic, standing for Getting Regular Evaluations After Treatment.

The clinic opened its doors on August 6th and is staffed by pediatric and adult hematologists/oncologists and experts in adolescent/young adult (AYA) care. The goal is to provide a warm handoff from pediatric to adult survivorship care by emphasizing the need to coordinate and communicate with patients, families and also with their primary care teams.

Early feedback from patients has been positive. Clinicians who are participating in this project have stressed that they aim to help their patients to develop confidence and equip them with the skills needed to navigate the healthcare system and manage their unique needs.

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