Small Changes Make a Difference

Make Cooking a Part of Every Day

Do you struggle with cooking strategies and practicalities? Are you overcome with fatigue and lack inertia to cook, when it’s all too easy to stop for take out on the way home? Are you looking for a way to get in a cooking groove?

It’s about mindset.

Being successful at cooking is really about a mindset. The key is: we deserve to nourish ourselves! I invite you to convince yourself of this. You have a little more time than you think you do. You can easily acquire any skills and materials you lack. I’ll share practical strategies and recipes. All you really need is a commitment to self-care and a desire to go beyond sufficient to terrific!

Use what you have!

An artist friend of mine who’s a good cook with a limited amount of time has recently been trying to cook healthier. He made my roasted asparagus salad and couldn’t BELIEVE how simple the salad dressing was. No more bottled salad dressing! Fresh tastes infinitely better. He personalized my recipe, adding extra vegetables and some leftover chicken from the night before. (He could have also put an egg on it). Be prepared and become an assembler

The key is to have good, clean options on hand. A basic pantry list will prepare you for anything. If you have some eggs and some swiss chard or other greens, whip up a frittata. Top leftover fish or chicken and some pre-washed salad greens with a simple vinaigrette. If you have lentils and broth, whip up a quick bowl of soup, or make a lentil salad. It doesn’t have to be a major production.

I’ve become increasingly fond of meals in a bowl, with rice, quinoa, or greens as a base, topped with roasted vegetables, lentils, roasted chickpeas... any number of delicious and colorful things! Fall in love with color, and you’ll be feeling SO much better for it. Beautiful examples are all over Instagram and Pinterest.

Small changes make a difference.

If you can include a little batch cooking on the weekend, it will be 10 times easier to get some good food in your body during a busy week. By making a pot of soup, a pot of quinoa, a tray of roasted vegetables, you’ve got fixings for a meal when you come home tired and hungry. But remember to be kind to yourself and know that these small changes will add up.

Try this for a week and see if you can get into the habit of nourishing yourself.

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