How to Have a Great Soup Swap

The Great Soup Swap

It’s time to cozy up to a warm bowl of soup! Soup is the universal language of nourishment and makes it easy to incorporate mighty servings of vegetables. The foundational broths alone contribute additional good things our bodies require. And you can set yourself up for the week ahead, by making soup ahead of time. As you get ready to make soups, plan on making enough to freeze some to add to your weeknight dinner line up.

Why not celebrate the beginning of soup season by having a soup swap? Why a soup swap? Well, you know what it’s like to make a big pot of soup or stew and eat it for days and days and days, right? With a soup swap, you’ll have a nice variety of nourishing soups on hand. Plus, it’s more fun to cook and eat together!

What is a soup swap? Making a large pot of soup and swapping it with friends or family.

How do you soup swap? There are many ways you can do this. In fact, there’s no right or wrong way. Here are a few ideas.

Option 1: Invite a few friends over and to make soup together and enjoy it for a meal.

Option 2: Have a few friends over and together make a double or triple batch of one or two soups, so each person can bring some home. Do this once a month rotating the hosting duties.

Option 3: Just like a holiday cookie swap, invite friends to make soup, then have a gathering to swap soups.

Invite your friends and family to make soup! Laughing, and making memories together  — you cannot imagine the joyous impact you can have on another person making soup together in your kitchen.

Soup Swap Tips

  • Keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be perfect or over the top. Be present and enjoy making soup with friends.
  • Keep it intimate. A small gathering will allow you to connect and catch up.
  • Choose recipes together. While it can be difficult, try to pick soups everyone will like, which goes back to the first point.
  • Plan ahead. Whether cooking together or having a swap, plan ahead and ask for help where you need it.
  • Share the work. Everyone can help shop, prep, peel, chop, cook and clean.
  • If swapping...
    • Set some guidelines and explain how the soup swap will work.
    • Decide on a quantity of soup each person should bring
    • Give guests at least two weeks’ notice, so they have enough time to prepare.
    • Guests should bring their soup refrigerated or frozen in individual containers they don’t mind giving away. Soups should be labeled with name of soup and date it was made.


Season of Cooking with Others

My neighbor, Julie, and I got to know each other by cooking together. The best way to get to know someone is when you’re chopping and stirring. When you’re cooking you’re so mindful and present to everyone and everything that’s going on — the smells, the sounds of the knife on the board and the onions simmering, our dogs brushing against our legs. Memories are stirred. Layers and layers are peeled away. You get to what’s real and authentic about each other. We’ve shared hundreds of pots of soups and sauces, endless laughter and countless tears.

Most soups follow the same steps with different ingredients. Watch Become a Soup Master in 9 Minutes. Learn these steps and become an empowered soup maker.

Rebecca’s Kitchen: The Great Soup Swap