Building a Cancer Survivorship Program at Stanford

Our mission is to improve the experience, and outcomes, of patients and caregivers throughout all phases of their cancer journey by advancing survivorship research, clinical care and education.

Our vision is to give people living with cancer the tools they need to manage their illness with confidence.

We are building interdisciplinary research teams to discover news ways of supporting patients and families, to understand the late effects of cancer therapy, and to integrate survivorship care within primary care.


Video on Survivorship


Mental Wellbeing: For Cancer & Beyond

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Cancer Survivorship Course for Primary Care Physicians

Stanford team launches an online course to educate physicians about cancer survivorship.

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From the Program Director

Dr. Lidia Schapira, Director of the Stanford Cancer Survivorship Program speaks to some of the challenges of cancer survivorship with three blog posts addressing metastatic disease, the adolescent/young adult population, and the evolution of telemedicine.

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New post in Caring blog!

Dr. Trivedi provides resources for caregivers

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Stanford Cancer Institute

The Stanford Cancer Survivorship Program is one of the Key Initiatives of the Stanford Cancer Institute. 

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