5 Steps to Documenting Your Serious Illness Conversation

1. Click Adv Care Plan or Code to open the Goals of Care/Advance Care Planning activity.

2. Click ACP Form or the pink bar to begin documenting in the form.

3. Document your discussion in the ACP Form. The check boxes have the most frequent patient responses; other (comment) opens a text box for you to include other responses or more information. Leave blank any sections that you did not discuss. 

When you have documented all of the responses, if in an Ambulatory encounter, click Close. In an Inpatient/ED encounter, click Next. Either action submits the ACP Form.


5. Finish documenting by adding the ACP Form contents to a Progress Note (Amb) or an ACP Note (Inpt/ED).

In your Progress Note, type the dotphrase .advancecareplanningSMTform to insert a table with the ACP Form questions and the responses you just documented. You have completely documented your ambulatory ACP conversation!

Click the Create ACP Note hyperlink in the ACP Notes section of the Goals of Care/Advance Care Planning activity. In the ACP Note template that opens, choose ACP Form Note as the "Type of note to be documented." Use F2 to complete any open areas of the note. You can also include additional information. By signing the note, you have completely documented your inpatient/ED ACP conversation!