Program Overview

The goal of our program is to facilitate conversations with patients and families about their values, goals, and preferences regarding future medical care to help ensure that patients receive goal-concordant care.

Clinician participation in the Serious Illness Care Program enhances patients' understanding of their illness and prognosis, encourages informed patient participation in their healthcare decisions, and relieves burdens of decision making on family members.

The Serious Illness Care Program aims to standardize the language and improve the process for conducting advance care planning conversations through:

Ariadne Labs developed and extensively studied all aspects of this program, including the implementation process, and the research shows that clinicians have more, better and earlier advance care planning conversations with seriously ill patients.

Clinician-patient communication about patient values and goals has been linked to improved quality of life, better coping, more goal-consistent care, more and earlier hospice care, and fewer hospitalizations.