• Following the COVID· 19 outbreak, the world has experienced an international crisis that is unprecedented in recent history, resulting in many forms of regional lockdowns or social restrictions. Governments worldwide have adopted a series of mitigation procedures (e.g., quarantine, social distancing, and isolation) impacting over half of the world's population. 
  • The primary objective of this presentation is to present mental health data collected across the world during the quarantine orders related to COVID 19 pandemic and characterize depression, anxiety and stress levels world-wide in  relation to SES factors, personal burden and personal care changes.
  • COVID-19 is showing impairment to mental functioning in some patients and Veterans infected with the virus.
  • We are conducting a study to compare the differences in cognitive functioning between people that recovered from a COVID infection and those that never contract the virus.  
  • The study involves a brief telephone interview and a longer online questionnaire about medical history, COVID status, and mood.


International Prevalence and Correlates of Psychological Stress Global Pandemic

In March 2020, as the global pandemic became a reality and the shelter-in-place measures followed, the Adamson Lab wanted to contribute to a scientific effort to create a snapshot of that historical moment. Along with the unwavering and brilliant support of the entire research team the Adamson Lab collected, translated, and reached out to the global community, to analyzed, write, revised, and published research on the impact of COVID while continuing with other research demands.

The COVID research was a labor of love for the Adamson Lab. In neuroscience where participants' data collection takes weeks if not months - to take an idea and translate it into a paper in less than 9 months is an unprecedented achievement. The Adamson Lab is grateful for the opportunity to partner with the international scientific community and  hopes these collaborations and connections across the world blossom into greater achievements.

COVID-19 Team International Expert Collaborators

M Adamson, J-M Batail, A. Phillips, I. Luttenbacher, J. Martinez, H. Grewal, J. Coetzee, S. Seenivasan

ENIGMA - Enhancing Neuro Imaging Genetics through Meta Analysis

A consortium of international research leaders.

ENIGMA Consortium

COVID-19 Collaboration

The ENIGMA Consortium  brings together researchers in imaging genomics, neurology and psychiatry, to understand brain structure and function, based on MRI, DTI, fMRI, genetic data and many patient populations. 


The best return on our research investments will come from combining our data to achieve the large samples necessary to detect the modest gene effect sizes that we now know are the rule rather the exception for complex traits. Dr. Adamson is part of the ENIGMA COVID-19 working group. 

Research Goals

ENIGMA Consortium

  • To create a network of like-minded individuals, interested in pushing forward the field of imaging genetics
  • To ensure promising findings are replicated via member collaborations, in order to satisfy the mandates of most journals
  • To share ideas, algorithms, data, and information on promising findings or methods
  • To facilitate training, including workshops and conferences on key methods and emerging directions in imaging genetics