Haleh Karbasforoushan, PhD, MS

VA Polytrauma Post Doctoral Fellow

  • Dr. Haleh Karbasforoushan received her Master’s in Computer Science and Brain Modeling at University of Southern California. 
  • Followed by a few years at UCLA and Vanderbilt University using brain imaging methods to investigate morphological and functional brain changes in patients with schizophrenia and children with autism.
  • Her PhD in neuroscience with a specialization in movement disorders at Northwestern University was funded by a NIH NRSA grant, used brain and spinal cord structural and functional MRI to investigate altered sensorimotor pathways involved in hand impairment post stroke.  
  • Dr. Karbasforoushan's research in stroke and psychiatric disorders have been published in journals such as Nature Communications and American Journal of Psychiatry. 
  • She currently is a post-doctoral research fellow at Stanford University and at the Adamson Lab, in addition to being a VA Polytrauma Postdoctoral Fellow.
  • Her postdoctoral research uses advanced MRI and TMS techniques to investigate how brain stimulation can modulate brain functional activity and connectivity in treatment of traumatic brain injury, depression and fibromyalgia.