Mark Greenhalgh PhD, MPH

VA Polytrauma Post Doctoral Resident

  • Dr. Mark Greenhalgh is a VA Polytrauma Postdoctoral Fellow at Adamson Lab and a Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Neurosurgery at Stanford School of Medicine. He completed his PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences and MPH in Epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh.
  • His work, under the tutelage of Dr. Rory Cooper of the Human Engineering Research Laboratories, the  VA Center of Excellence that is focused on advancing the quality of healthcare services provided to people with disabilities. 
  • Dr. Greenhalgh specifically worked on applications of robots for essential activities of daily living, consumer driven feedback for wheelchair development and research, and quality of life in OIF/OEF Combat Veterans recovering from a combat injury. 
  •  Dr. Greenhalgh passions include assistive technology (i.e. wheelchairs, prosthetics), injury epidemiology and rehabilitation, research methods, health equity, and quality of care delivery.  
  • He's current work includes Participatory Design & Research for Healthcare Equipment, Healthcare Based Research Methodology, Virtual Reality for Injury and Pain Rehabilitation, and Community Health Needs.
  • Dr. Greenhalgh is a passionate mentor of young scientists  and regularly runs a bi-monthly Journal Club at the Adamson Lab, to share his expertise and skills with the next generation of researchers.  
  • The Greenhalgh Journal Club covers  topics from classical psychology and psychiatry, to the role of research in public advocacy of underserved populations.