2.7.N. The Role of the Executive Committee in Associate Professor and Professor Appointments, Reappointments and Promotions

At the Dean’s discretion, the Executive Committee may be asked to provide advice to him or her on an appointment, reappointment or promotion action; in certain situations, the Executive Committee may be asked to vote on such an action.  If taken, a vote is advisory to the Dean; the ultimate decision on whether to forward the long form to the Provost with a positive recommendation belongs to the Dean.

Discussion at a meeting of the Executive Committee is held after the department chair members have read the file.  Substitutes are allowed if they will be representing the department chair at the Executive Committee meeting during which the candidate will be discussed.  Department chair members who read the full file but will be unable to attend the meeting will be allowed to submit their comments in writing or, if applicable, to cast a proxy vote.

Note that the Executive Committee can also choose to take up and provide advice to the Dean on a file sent to it as a report item. At the Dean’s discretion, a vote may be called.