For Senior Faculty


We are here to provide guidance and support for decision-making and implementation of transition strategies and decision-making about retirement, as well as other life events at this time. 

Individual Consultation

Personal, confidential, 1 hr. session with Dr. Litt to clarify goals and strategies for transition planning for the next chapter of professional life, including retirement.

Contact Newton Cheung for scheduling with Iris Litt.

Couples Consultation

Personal and confidential, 1 hr. session with Dr. Litt to consider the role of one’s “significant other” in providing support at this time of decision-making as well as the potential impact of decisions about retirement on relationships. This may follow #1 or substitute for it.

Contact Newton Cheung for scheduling with Iris Litt.

Group Program

New Beginnings: Jumpstarting The Rest of Your Life!

This program is designed to provide preparatory and ongoing support through a team of institutional, peer and coaching resources for Senior Faculty. 

SESSION I: Open meeting for all senior faculty to hear a panel of Emeriti/ae faculty discuss their experience and describe current activities (Including: “What I wish I had known….” and Q&A)

SESSION II-V: Curated curriculum for groups of 6-8 senior faculty led by trained Emeriti/ae coaches* that meet once/month in person for 5 sessions:

  • SESSION II: Identity -  Who am I? Who will I be if I retire? 
  • SESSION III: Pushes and Pulls - Explore the forces in favor and against 
  • SESSION IV: Purpose - What is most important to me? What will be my legacy?
  • SESSION V: Road map to the future: How to get there?
  • SESSION VI: Open discussion and next steps for small groups