Prep for the Future

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Prep for Retirement

Am I Ready?

Road Map for Success

Enriching Your Life Now

An Overview:

Emerging from the pandemic, many among us are re-evaluating our plans for the future. 

This website is designed to support you as you consider next steps in your own career at Stanford. To that end, we have gathered resources, designed a questionnaire for self-assessment and new programs for you, individually, or with your life partner available immediately, as well as one for groups which will go live in the Fall 2022. The new office of the Associate Dean for Senior and Emeriti/ae Faculty is ready now to assist you in this critical process of future planning! 

Prep for Retirement

Identify Key Elements of Successful Transition

  1. Identity: Who am I?
  2. Values: What is my purpose and passion?
  3. Visioning: Where do I want to be?
  4. Transitioning: How do I get there?