Clinician Educator Appointment, Promotion and Reappointment File Sections

An Overview:

Appointment, reappointment or promotion of a Clinician Educator requires the submission of a file that includes a number of confidential documents. The file includes information about the candidate's clinical care, teaching, research (as applicable) and administrative service (as applicable), from the department, the candidate, trainees, and other  members inside and outside Stanford.  Files are assembled by the department in PDF format and submitted via FASA.

File sections can include:

  • Cover Page/Appointment Summary
  • FARM
  • Candidate’s CV
  • Candidate Statement (if applicable)
  • External Referee Letters
  • Internal Referee Letters
  • Teaching Evaluations
  • Clinical Excellence Survey (CES) (if applicable)
  • Professional Excellence Survey (CES) (if applicable)
  • Draft Counseling Memo (if applicable) 

Descriptions of each section can be found in the Faculty Affairs Resources section of the website.