Review Criteria

Leading Professoriate Review Actions


An Overview:

A note about accomplishment versus promise

Candidates for reappointment or promotion are responsible for designing and pursuing a schedule of research that results in publication in advance of the review. Generally, by the time materials have been submitted for the reappointment or promotion review, the candidate’s dossier should predominantly reflect a record of actual accomplishment (which confirms status in the field) rather than work that has been submitted or accepted but not yet published (which may speak more to promise). Similarly, the faculty member’s career should be managed so that teaching and clinical care records are robust and ready to be evaluated by the time the reappointment or promotion package is submitted.

UML Core Criteria (formerly MCL)

Appointments (and subsequent reappointments and promotions) are based upon a requirement of excellence in the overall mix of contributions in clinical care, teaching, and scholarship that advances clinical medicine. Faculty must have a minimum of 20% protected time for scholarship. SoM Handbook

UTL Core Criteria

The first criterion for a UTL appointment is that the candidate must have achieved (or, in the case of Assistant Professors, have the promise to achieve) true distinction in scholarship in a broadly defined field. The second criterion for a UTL appointment is promise – or a record demonstrating – that the candidate is capable of sustaining a first-rate teaching program during his or her career at Stanford. SoM Handbook

NTL-R Core Criteria

A candidate must have achieved (or, in the case of Assistant Professors, have the promise to achieve) true distinction in scholarship. Unlike faculty in the University Tenure Line whose research is conducted in a broadly defined field, faculty appointed in the Research Line generally have special expertise in a relatively narrow field that is of particular benefit to a broader clinical or research program. SoM Handbook

NTL-T Core Criteria

The overriding requirement for faculty appointment, reappointment and promotion in the Teaching Line is excellence in teaching, broadly defined. Under most circumstances, it is expected that Teaching Line faculty will extend their successes at Stanford to broader regional or national audiences. SoM Handbook