Long Form Sections

An Overview:

An assemblage of confidential documents for the appointment, reappointment, or promotion of a Professoriate faculty member. The long form includes information about the candidate's research, clinical care, teaching, and administrative service (as applicable), from the department, the candidate, trainees, and other faculty members inside and outside Stanford.  Long forms are assembled through the Interfolio Review, Promotion and Tenure system.

Long Form sections include:

  • Long Form Signature Page
  • Chair’s Transmittal Memo
  • Billet Information Grid
  • Summary of Voting Practice and Votes
  • Candidate’s CV
  • Candidate’s Transcript (if applicable)
  • Candidate’s Statement
  • Narrative Report on the Candidate
  • Search Report or Search Waiver Documentation (if applicable)
  • Notification to Candidate of Action (if applicable)
  • Summary of Evaluation Process (if applicable)
  • Referee Grid
  • Referee Solicitation Letter (if applicable)
  • Guidelines for Application of Criteria (if applicable)
  • External Referee Letters, Declinations and Other Correspondence
  • Internal Referee Letters, Declinations and Other Correspondence
  • Trainee Grid (if applicable)
  • Trainee Solicitation Letter (if applicable)
  • Trainee Letters, Declinations and Other Correspondence (if applicable)
  • Teaching Evaluations (inclusive of didactic and/or clinical teaching evaluations-MedHubs)
  • Clinical Care Evaluations (CES) (if applicable)
  • 360 Evaluation and Feedback process (if applicable)
  • Draft Counseling Memo (if applicable)
  • Appendices (if applicable)


Descriptions of each section can be found in the Toolbox.