Access to Long Forms

All Professoriate actions are executed in Interfolio Review, Promotion and Tenure.

  1. Click the Interfolio button below to get started.
  2. On the home page, click "Sign In."
  3. Under “Sign in through your institution,” select "Stanford University" from the dropdown menu.
  4. Log in via AXESS as you would to any secure Stanford site.

For New Appointments

This information will be available only to the Provost's Office staff member who will enter the faculty member's appointment information, and will be deleted afterwards.


Appointment, Reappointment and Promotion actions are executed using the long form, a compendium of confidential documents describing the career and performance of the faculty member.

All appointment, reappointment and promotion long forms are assembled using Interfolio Review, Promotion and Tenure. Details of the requirements and criteria differ for different actions.

Detailed Criteria for each of the following actions can be found in the Evidence Tables section of the Toolbox:

  • New Untenured Appointment
  • Reappointment or Promotion for a Term of Years
  • Reappointment or Promotion Initially Conferring Tenure or a Continuing Term of Appointment
  • Promotion for Individuals with Tenure or Continuing Terms
  • New Appointment Conferring Tenure or Continuing Term

Useful Resources

University Instructions and Criteria

The following resources can be found in the Toolbox:

  • Appointment/Reappointment/Promotion Timelines: Shows timing of assembly and review at Department, School and University levels.
  • Long Form Copies for Review: Provides the number of copies needed for University review by action.
  • Board of Trustees Biosketch Guidelines: For tenure cases, a one-page biography of the faculty member must be provided to the Board of Trustees

How to Launch a Professoriate Action


New Appointments

  1. New appointments will be launched by your OAA contact following communication of the approval for the search report (or waiver of search) and offer letter.


  2. Once the action has been successfully created, OAA will send the case forward to the step "Administrative Case Preparation".

  3. At this point, everyone will receive an email who is listed in the "[Department name] Admin Committee" (e.g. Otolaryngology Admin Committee).  This will include the FAA, and may include the DFA and faculty members. The email lets you know that the case is ready to be worked on.

Reappointments and Promotions:

  1. The Vice Dean must approve the concept of the reappointment or promotion first.  Email to your OAA contact:

    1. Desired action (reappointment, promotion, term of years, continuing term, tenure)

    2. Rank, line, department, division

    3. Candidate's name and Stanford email address (required but they will not be contacted by Interfolio)

    4. Candidate's current CV

    5. All annual counseling for the current term.

  2. Your OAA contact will let you know if the Vice Dean has approved and if any more information is needed.

  3. If it's approved, your OAA contact will create the action in Interfolio.

  4. OAA will email the candidate, copying you, notifying them that their reappointment/promotion has been started.

  5. Once the action has been successfully created and the candidate notified, OAA will send an email to you stating that the case has been created and you may begin assembling the materials.

Sections of the Long Form with Guidelines, Fillable Forms, and Examples


Instructions, Templates, Forms, and Guidelines: All documents can be found in the appropriate areas of the Toolbox


Signature Page

Signature Page Form

Signature Page Guidelines

Download and fill out the form with candidate's name, rank, department and action, and have it signed by the department chairs for all primary, joint, secondary, and courtesy departments.
Billet Information Billet Grid For all actions, download and fill out the form, specifying the billet (or position) number for the candidate, and any joint or secondary appointments with FTE and a billet assignment.
Summary of Votes Summary of Votes Form Download the form and - summarize all relevant departmental voting practices;
- explain any deviation from the usual practices
- provide for each voting unit a summary of all votes.  Explain negative votes or recusals.
Candidate’s Curriculum Vitae

CV Guidelines

Sample CV (Professoriate)

Guidelines: Annotating Middle Author Publications

Candidate's CV, including training, academic and professional history, record of grant funding, and bibliography, with particular attention to peer-reviewed articles.
Candidate’s Statement Candidate Statement Guidelines Written by the candidate, up to three pages presenting their research, clinical care and teaching accomplishments and plans.
Narrative Report on the Candidate

Narrative Report Guidelines

Narrative Report Example MCL Cont Term

Narrative Report Example UTL Prom Tenure

Written by senior faculty, up to five pages first describing and then evaluating the candidate's scholarship, teaching, clinical care and administrative duties and accomplishments.
Search or Evaluation Process

Committee Grid Form

Search Report Instructions

Appointments:  include the complete search report, including the ad, letter and FASI grid, OR the Provost's approval of the search waiver request.

Reappointments/promotions: provide a description of the evaluation process, including a list of the evaluation committee

Referee and Comparison Set List

Guidelines: Referee, Trainee, Peer Selection

Referee/Trainee/Peer Template (you will find both Word + Excel versions in the Toolbox)

A list of external and internal faculty members who have contributed objective evaluative letters about the candidate.

If applicable to the action, a list of faculty from around the country who are at a similar stage of their careers, sent to the external referees for comparison with the candidate.  Usually only for tenure and some Research Line actions; consult the evidence booklet (above).

Referee Solicitation Letter Referee Solicitation Letter Templates for all Lines Letter soliciting evaluations of the candidate from other faculty members. Solicitation letter should not be signed by candidate's mentor.
Referee Letters   External and/or internal letters of evaluation, discussing the candidate's scholarly, teaching and (if applicable) clinical and administrative work.
Trainee List (if applicable) Referee/Trainee/Peer Template (you will find both Word + Excel versions in the Toolbox) List of current and former students of the candidate who were solicited for letters about the candidate's teaching and mentoring skills
Trainee Solicitation Letter

Trainee Solicitation Letter (Professoriate)

Letter soliciting evaluations from trainees. Solicitation letter should not be signed by candidate's mentor.
Trainee Letters   Letters from current and former students/trainees of the candidate, sent within the last 12 months, discussing how they know the candidate and their evaluation of his/her mentoring and teaching skills.
Teaching Evaluations   From courses taught to Stanford students; may be collected by candidate and submitted to department.
Clinical Evaluations Detailed Instruction Manual for CES See the Detailed Instruction Manual for CES in the Guidelines: Long Form section of the Toolbox.
360 Evaluations Detailed Guidelines and FAQs for 360s See the Detailed Guidelines and FAQs for 360s in the Guidelines Long Form section of the Toolbox.
Draft Counseling Memo (if applicable)

Counseling Memo Guidelines

Counseling Memo Example Cont Term

Counseling Memo Example UTL Prom Tenure

A draft memo that will be delivered to the candidate following successful completion of the action, giving guidance based on the evidence gathered for the long form as well as forward-looking advice regarding the next career milestone.
Appendices (if applicable)   May include:
- additional copies of the search ad or letter;
- lists of persons and organizations solicited during the search process;
- limited additional back-up material for teaching evaluations;
- other materials that may be relevant.
Transmittal Memo (if needed)

Transmittal Memo Guidelines


Transmittal Memo Example MCL Cont Term

Transmittal Memo Example UTL Prom Tenure

Written by the department chair or designate, an introduction to the candidate and the information gathered in the long form.  Required for certain actions. Even when not required, this may be added if there are circumstances that must be explained, for example, negative evaluations or referee comments.

Professoriate Appointment Amendments 

Departments are responsible for entering transactions in FASA for the below appointment modifications. Refer to the FASA Reference Guide and School of Medicine Supplement in the Toolbox for detailed instructions.

  • Courtesy appointments
  • Joint appointments
  • Appointment extensions
  • Terminations/Resignations