2022 Monthly Announcements

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January/February 2022 - OAA Announcements

March 2022- OAA Announcements

April 2022- OAA Announcements

May 2022- OAA Announcements

May Announcements

  • OAA Staffing News: Amber Burke joins Professoriate Team
  • Update: Extraordinary Contributions are now included criterion in the Clinician Educator referee solicitation letter
  • Expectations for Summer A&P Approval Timing for the Professoriate
  • Additional COVID Assistance for Untenured Faculty
  • Resource Document Now Available: Policy for non-MD CE appointments
  • Reminder: Department FSAT Training for Professoriate and CE Searches
  • Reminder: Early release offer letter exception requests for CEs and Instructors to be submitted via Smartsheet
  • Reminder: May 19th Roundtable – Visiting & Short-Term Faculty: Best Practices
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April Announcements

  • OAA Staffing Updates
  • Reminder: OAA Coverage - Faculty Leaves and Short-Term/Visiting Population
  • Reminder: March Roundtable- Interfolio Replacement & Intro to FSAT
  • Reminder: Leaves Process for Change Requests
  • Reminder: Revised University Handbooks  


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March 2022 Announcements

  • Update: Adjunct Clinical Faculty Letter of Invitation Template
  • Update: Clinician Educators Overall Limit on Leave
  • Reminder: Professoriate Appointment CV Requirements
  • Reminder: New Method for Launching and Assembling Professoriate Long Forms
  • Reminder: Call for Faculty Search and Applicant Tracking (FSAT) PageUp System Users
  • Reminder: Additional COVID-related Assistance for Academic Council Assistant Professors
  • Reminder: Organization of Clinician Educator, Instructor and Clinical Scholar Actions in OAA
  • Reminder: OAA Coverage- Visiting & Short Term Faculty population (March 2022)
  • Reminder: Academic Staff-Research Appointment Terminations


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January/February 2022 Announcements

  •      Congratulations to Lisa Joo!
  •      OAA Staffing Changes/Updates
  •      Update: Offer Letter and Letter of Invitation Templates
  •      Update: Professoriate Appointment CV Requirements
  •      Update: FSAT (Faculty Search Applicant Tracking)
  •      New: Additional Clinician Educator A&P Committee
  •      New: Additional Resources on Extraordinary Contribution Criteria for Clinician Educators
  •      Update: Organization of Clinician Educator, Instructor and Clinical Scholar Actions
  •      Update: Resource (Webpage) for FAAs working on Visiting & Short Term Faculty Actions
  •      New: Professor of Practice Resources
  •      New: Visiting & Short Term Faculty Resources
  •      New: Leaves Process for Change Requests
  •      Update: Clinician Educator Professional Development Leave (PDL) Change to Maximum Accrual


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