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June 2021 - OAA Announcements

May 2021 - OAA Announcements

April 2021 - OAA Announcements

March 2021 - OAA Announcements

January/February 2021 - OAA Announcements

June 2021 OAA Announcements

• Professoriate: Renaming the MCL
• Faculty Campus Presence for Academic Year 2021-2022
• End of COVID Exception Process: Faculty Remote Work Arrangements Outside of the U.S.
• Change in Exception Process- Recruitment Visits
• Update: Monthly Announcements page update
• Update: Instructor Background Checks Via HireRight and New Checklist
• Update: Instructor Offer Letter Template
• Visiting Scholars, Researchers, and other Temporary Community Members
• Reminder: Professoriate Actions that Require Addendum Letters
• Reminder: Qualtrics Reporting Issues

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May 2021 OAA Announcements

• Reminder: OAA Staffing Changes
• Reminder: Limited OAA Staffing – Visiting & Short Term Faculty Population (May 2021)
• Update: Faculty Applicant Tracking System
• Update: Qualtrics Reporting Issues
• New Resource: Trainee Solicitation letter for Adjunct Clinical Faculty Appointments
• Reminder: Faculty Billet URL Change (Update Your Bookmark)
• Reminder: Regular [zoom] Office Hours for the Professoriate team
• Reminder: Clinical Scholar Reappointments
• Reminder: Delayed Rollout of the New Visa Portal: Bechtel Connect
• Reminder: Faculty Onboarding Shared Inbox
• Reminder: FASA Transaction FYI

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April 2021 OAA Announcements

• Congratulation to Rania Sanford!
• OAA Staffing Changes
• April Roundtable- Deep Dive into a Search Report
• Change in Procedure for New Assistant Professor Long Forms
• COVID Post-Pandemic Programs
• Exception Process to Bring Top Finalist to Campus for Recruitment Visit
• Clinical Scholar Reappointments
• Faculty Onboarding Shared Inbox
• New Course Evaluation System Launching Winter 2021
• Update: Zoom Office Hour Information Shared on OAA Staff Listing Page
• Tip: Add “OAA” When Using the Website Search Function
• Reminder: SoM Professoriate: Departmental Assignments (Beginning April 1)
• Reminder: FAA Roundtable Presented Materials
• Reminder: Inclusion of 360 Evaluation Reports in Long Forms
• Reminder: Double Check that Transaction Status of Visas is “Pending Approval”, not “Draft”
• Reminder: Updated Restrictions on the Visiting and Short Term Faculty Population
• Reminder: Department New Staff Form
• Reminder: Offer Letters Process Policy
• Reminder: FASA Transaction FYIs
• Reminder: Contact Faculty Compensation for Guidance on Non-Standard Offer Letter Language

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March 2021 OAA Announcements

• Access and Training for New Department Staff
• Instructions for Identifying Professoriate Line in Stanford Profiles
• New Resource: Referee Solicitation Letters for Clinical Scholar Appointments
• Update: Faculty Applicant Tracking System
• Updated: Visiting & Short-Term Faculty Zoom Office Hours
• Updated PDL Request Form
• Reminder: Updated Sabbatical, PDL, LWOS, LOA request forms
• Reminder: Upcoming Faculty Workshops
• Reminder: Pilot Program: Review of Professoriate Search Reports utilizing Track-Changes
• Reminder: Updated Restrictions on the Visiting and Short Term Faculty Population
• Reminder Added to the Checklists for the Visiting and Short Term Faculty Population
• Reminder: New Visa Portal: Bechtel Connect

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January/February OAA Announcements

• Faculty Advisory and Support Panel
• Update to Search Ad and Search Solicitation Letter Language
• Update to UTL Referee Solicitation Letter Language: Promotions & Reappointments Conferring Tenure
• January Roundtable: Senior Faculty Transitions- Retirement and FRIP
• Faculty Search Protocol During COVID-19
• Update to CE chapter in SoM handbook and CE page on OAA website
• Update to Referee and Trainee Solicitation Letters
• Updated Directives regarding Visitors and Short Term Faculty is available on the OAA website
• New Resource: Referee Solicitation Letters for Visiting and Short Term Faculty Appointments
• Update to Leave Forms (Sabbatical, PDL, LOA)
• Off-Site Location Required for ACF in FASA
• Update to Faculty Billet Host Name
• Reminder – Upcoming Professoriate and CE Workshops
• Reminder – Impact Metrics
• Reminder – Visiting & Short Term Training Opportunities

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