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Selected Publications

Task-evoked substantia nigra hyperactivity associated with prefrontal hypofunction, prefrontonigral disconnectivity and nigrostriatal connectivity predicting psychosis severity in medication naive first episode schizophreniaSCHIZOPHRENIA RESEARCH
Yoon, J.H., Westphal, A.J., Minzenberg, M.J., Niendam, T., Ragland, J.D., Lesh, T., Solomon, M., Carter, C.S.
Impaired Prefrontal-Basal Ganglia Functional Connectivity and Substantia Nigra Hyperactivity in Schizophrenia BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY
Yoon, J. H., Minzenberg, M. J., Raouf, S., D'Esposito, M., Carter, C. S.
2013; 74 (2): 122-129
Oxytocin and Vasopressin in Children and Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorders: Sex Differences and Associations With Symptoms AUTISM RESEARCH
Miller, M., Bales, K. L., Taylor, S. L., Yoon, J., Hostetler, C. M., Carter, C. S., Solomon, M.
2013; 6 (2): 91-102
Windows to the soul: vision science as a tool for studying biological mechanisms of information processing deficits in schizophrenia FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY
Yoon, J. H., Sheremata, S. L., Rokem, A., Silver, M. A.
Automated classification of fMRI during cognitive control identifies more severely disorganized subjects with schizophrenia SCHIZOPHRENIA RESEARCH
Yoon, J. H., Nguyen, D. V., McVay, L. M., Deramo, P., Minzenberg, M. J., Ragland, J. D., Niendham, T., Solomon, M., Carter, C. S.
2012; 135 (1-3): 28-33
GABA Concentration Is Reduced in Visual Cortex in Schizophrenia and Correlates with Orientation-Specific Surround Suppression JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Yoon, J. H., Maddock, R. J., Rokem, A., Silver, M. A., Minzenberg, M. J., Ragland, J. D., Carter, C. S.
2010; 30 (10): 3777-3781
Association of dorsolateral prefrontal cortex dysfunction with disrupted coordinated brain activity in schizophrenia: Relationship with impaired cognition, behavioral disorganization, and global function AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY
Yoon, J. H., Minzenberg, M. J., Ursu, S., Walters, R., Wendelken, C., Ragland, J. D., Carter, C. S.
2008; 165 (8): 1006-1014
Multivariate Pattern Analysis of fMRI Data Reveals Deficits in Distributed Representations in Schizophrenia BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY
Yoon, J. H., Tamir, D., Minzenberg, M. J., Ragland, J., Ursu, S., Carter, C. S.
2008; 64 (12)
Segregation of function in the lateral prefrontal cortex during visual object working memory BRAIN RESEARCH
Yoon, J. H., Hoffman, J. N., D'Esposito, M.
2007; 1184: 217-225
Preserved function of the fusiform face area in schizophrenia as revealed by fMRI PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH-NEUROIMAGING
Yoon, J. H., D'Esposito, M., Carter, C. S.
2006; 148 (2-3): 205-216

Differential effects of distraction during working memory on delay-period activity in the prefrontal cortex and the visual association cortex NEUROIMAGE
Yoon, J. H., Curtis, C. E., D'Esposito, M.
2006; 29 (4): 1117-1126




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