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Details from 'Dopamine D2 Receptor' and 'Serotonin 5HT Receptor' ©Neil Murphy
With thanks to Neil Murphy for sharing his beautiful, neuroscience-inspired art. See more at Neil Murphy's Studio Page

Thank you for your interest in participating in our studies!

Interested in participating in our research? Click the link that best matches you.

Prodromal/At-Risk Research Studies

Studies for Healthy Research Subjects

Research on Schizophrenia and Related Conditions

We are seeking participants for our studies on memory, attention and information processing. Participation in our study involves:

In-person interviews with the researcher last approximately two to three hours, and brain scans last anywhere between one to two hours per session.

Participants are paid $15 per hour for the interview and training, and $30 per hour for MRI scans. If you are interested in the experiment, please contact the Yoon Lab at 650-849-1930.

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